Inhaled Drug Development Webinar Series

7 December 2021 - 14 December 2021

Join us on Dec. 7th, 9th or 14th for an hour long complimentary live webinar entitled: Formulation Development Challenges & Pitfalls When Developing Dry Powder Inhalers (DPIs)

Presentation Overview: 

When developing an inhaled drug product, there are many factors that need to be taken into into account. Each inhaled program is unique and formulators must have a good understanding of the the physical properties of the active pharma­ceutical ingredient (API), the delivery technology and device in order to develop a formulation that will garner clinical & commercial success.

In this webinar, Quotient's Senior Project Manager, Martin Wing-King, will cover some of the key aspects involved in successfully developing and manufacturing Dry Powder Inhaled Products, also referred to as DPIs. This presentation will also dive into some of the challenges and potential pitfalls that formulators might encounter in the development process.

Key topics include:

  •  Preformulation Considerations
    -API Characterization, Crystalline vs Amorphous, Particle Engineering
  • Designing a Successful Formulation
    -Blends with or w/o Ternary Excipients
  • Selecting the Appropriate Device
    -Single use or Multi use, Capsule, Blister/cavity, Reservoir
  • Choosing the Best Manufacturing Process
    -Blending- High Shear or Low Shear
    -Filling- Dosator, Vacuum Drum, F2W or Equivalent
    -Final closure- Blisters, Bottles
  • Translational Pharmaceutics, an “alternative approach”
  • Integrated Services Proven to Accelerate Development
  • Client Case Study

Dates & Times (We are offering the same 1-hour webinar on three different dates/times):

Tuesday, Dec. 7th at 7:00am NYC (EST) /12:00pm London / 1:00pm Paris    Learn more

Thursday, Dec. 9th at 8:30 am Los Angeles (PST) /11:30am NYC (EST) / 4:30pm London    Learn more

Tuesday, Dec. 14th at 11:30am Los Angeles (PST) / 2:30pm NYC (EST) / 7:30pm London      Learn more

Speaker information:

Martin Wing-King, Sr. Director of Project Management at Quotient Sciences

Martin Wing-King is the Director of Project Management at Quotient Sciences’ Reading, UK facility. Martin began his career in Analytical Development at Johnson Matthey, and over the course of 8 ½ years transitioned from the lab into a sales role within the company.  In 2008, he joined Pharmaterials Ltd, as Business Development Manager, focusing on pre-formulation and formulation development opportunities. In his new role, his focus was on establishing Pharmaterials as a key player in the development and manufacture of inhaled products (particularly dry powder inhalers) in both the generics and NCE space. In 2015, Martin was promoted to Director of Business Development and Project Management, where he managed a team responsible for both finding and delivering new development projects. Pharmaterials Ltd was acquired by Quotient Sciences in 2017 and Martin chose to oversee the project management function at the Reading facility. This decision allowed him to focus more on project delivery and supporting technical discussions with the commercial team. Martin is currently part of a team that assesses new business opportunities coming into Quotient Sciences and is considered to be one of the inhalation development subject matter experts.  Martin obtained his degree from Brunel University, London in Chemistry with management (2000).