Integrated Development Strategies Lunch Seminar- Alnwick, UK

9 December 2022

Join experts from Quotient Sciences & Charles River for a complimentary lunch seminar & facility tour event on Friday, December 9th from 10:30am-12:00pm at Quotient Sciences' Alnwick, UK facility.

Seminar title: 'Integrated Development Strategies to Accelerate from Discovery to First-in-Human & Beyond'

Event Details Location

Friday, December 9th

Quotient Sciences Alnwick 

  • 10:30am – 11:00am: Guest check-in
  • 11:00am-12:15pm: Lunch Served & Presentation
  • 12:15pm- 1:00pm: Optional facility tour
  • 1:30pm - 4:00pm: Ribbon Cutting Event & Reception (click here to register)

Taylor Drive, Alnwick, Northumberland,
Alnwick NE66 2DH

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Presentation overview:

Over the past two decades CDMOs and CROs have become an integral part of almost every drug development program. Due to this demand, the service sector has significantly grown, however in doing so has become extremely siloed, with separate vendors each handling different activities- from medicinal chemistry to preclinical studies, to clinical testing, and product development and manufacturing. Yet we know that drug development is a multi-disciplinary effort that requires collaboration between several groups to efficiently advance a molecule to proof of concept.

If discovery, drug substance and drug product development activities are with different companies, or deeply siloed parts of the same company, how can collaboration or integration with one another truly happen? The challenges are exacerbated when we consider the complexity of today’s molecules and target product profiles, with timeline pressures ever present.

Seamless coordination between discovery, drug substance and drug product manufacturing results in a more efficient and accelerated development plan. By integrating all activities in an entirely non-siloed way encourages close relationships between multidisciplinary experts, and removes potential hurdles, creating a more agile approach to pharmaceutical development.   

To create a more streamlined approach, organizations like Quotient Sciences and Charles River have developed uniquely integrated offerings and formed collaborations that can accelerate molecules to the clinic and beyond to better support customers as they navigate the drug development pathway. Charles River’s deep expertise in medicinal chemistry, biology, DMPK, early pharmaceutics and non-clinical safety, coupled with Quotient Sciences’ expert knowledge and fully integrated drug substance synthesis, drug product development & manufacturing and clinical testing services, offer a solution under a single program of work. This tight integration of expertise and activities allows for earlier and more informed decision-making, efficient technology transfer, and joint problem-solving that increases the likelihood of downstream success.

In this presentation, senior leaders from Charles River and Quotient Sciences discuss how this collaboration helps customers by bringing expert knowledge, removing obstacles from the critical path, reducing development risks, and shortening the pathway to IND and onward towards proof-of-concept.  Through case studies they will demonstrate how an integrated program provides customers with the full set of deliverables required to be “clinic ready”, and how this seamless transition between providers can improve the chances of clinical and commercial success.

Learning objectives

  • How holistic scientific oversight can improve the overall drug development program
  • How technical transfers are achieved between organizations and how this can benefit clients in both time and cost saving
  • How drug substance attributes can affect downstream drug product and clinical outcomes
  • How risks and critical path activities can be managed with greater flexibility and scheduling
  • How to manage consumption of drug substance with more efficient manufacturing processes
  • How to speed up the transition from discovery to IND and beyond
  • How to improve knowledge and methods transfer between discovery, drug substance and drug product activities
  • How outsourcing can be simplified – improved project management, contracting and communication

Speakers Include:

About Charles River

Every complex discovery program faces a unique set of challenges. Whether it's a resource gap, lack of infrastructure, or an unexpected scientific result, navigating around potential pitfalls is essential for advancing your program successfully. Charles River has successfully identified and assessed novel therapies, with over 420 patents and 92 preclinical drug development candidates delivered to our clients since 2001. Our chemistry, biology, ADME, toxicology, and pharmaceutical sciences teams work closely together to identify and optimize the best compound candidates from the earliest stages of hit identification all the way through to FIH and beyond. |

About Quotient Sciences:
Quotient Sciences is a drug development and manufacturing accelerator supporting customers across the entire development pathway from candidate selection to commercial launch.  We deliver uniquely integrated programs and a range of tailored services that dramatically shorten drug development times. We’re driven by an unswerving belief that ideas need to become solutions, and molecules need to become cures, fast. Because humanity needs solutions, fast. |