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IRDD Summit 2020

Headed to the IRDD (Inhalation & Respiratory Drug Delivery 2020 conference) Summit in New York on May 28-29?  If so, plan to meet with Quotient's Director of Project Managment, Martin Wing-King and Senior Director of Business Development, Nabil Lally to learn about our inhaled drug development and manufacturing capabilities that can support your molecule. 

Martin will also be giving a presentation at the conference entitled: Formulation Development Challenges and Pitfalls When Developing Dry Powder Inhalers

This talk will cover some of the key aspects involved in successfully developing and manufacturing Dry Powder Inhaled products. This presentation will also dive into some of the challenges and potential pitfalls that formulators might encounter in the development process.

Key topics include:
· Preformulation Considerations
        -API Characterization, Crystalline vs Amorphous, Particle Engineering

· Designing a Successful Formulation
        -Blends with or w/o Ternary Excipients

· Selecting the Appropriate Device
         -Single use or Multi use, Capsule, Blister/cavity, Reservoir

· Choosing the Best Manufacturing Process
         -Blending- High Shear or Low Shear
         -Filling- Dosator, Vacuum Drum, F2W or Equivalent
         -Final closure- Blisters, Bottles

· Translational Pharmaceutics, an “alternative approach”
         -Integrated Services Proven to Accelerate Development
         -Client Case Study

Event Details:
Event Name: IRDD Summit (Inhalation & Respiratory Drug Delivery 2020 conference) 
When: May 28-29, 2020
Where: The Pierre, A Taj Hotel
Address: 2 East 61st Street At, 5th Ave, New York, NY 10065
Event Website: https://www.irdd-summit.com/

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