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Strategies for Accelerating the Development of Modified Release Oral Forms

How to Accelerate Modified Release Drug Product Development

Learning objectives:

  • Learn about new ways to evaluate formulation performance using clinical data
  • Understand key variables in the development of modified release formulations
  • Examine the relationships between formulation parameters and in-vivo performance
  • Listen to case studies on accelerating formulation optimisation using clinical data

Are you struggling with your drug product development timeline? Are ongoing drug formulation issues leading to escalating costs and missed deadlines?

RapidFACT significantly accelerates the process of optimising modified release drug products, both to improve oral bioavailability and/or achieve targe ted GI delivery. Drug products can be optimised within a clinical study by the use of a continuous formulation design space, rather than undertaking cycles of formulation development and multiple clinical PK studies. A range of product performance attributes can also be investigated within a program, by varying the quantitative composition of one or more formulation components in response to emerging clinical data. 

RapidFACT programs have been used extensively by Pharmaceutical Development teams from more than 50 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide as a key tool in developing optimised drug products, for all routes of delivery, with over 100 programs now completed. 

The webinar will include a presentation from Dr Peter Timmins, formerly of Bristol-Myers Squibb, describing the key variables that must be considered in the development of modified release formulations, and discuss strategies to understand the key relationships between formulation parameters and product performance using clinical data.

This webinar will showcase case studies and project metrics, illustrating the applications and benefits when developing modified release drug formulations.

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