White Paper

Strategies for Accelerating the Development of Modified Release Oral Forms

How to Reduce the Time and Cost for Optimizing Drug Product Formulations

Join industry experts John McDermott, Executive Director of Drug Product Optimization, and Kieran Crowley, Senior Scientific Director, both from Quotient Sciences, as they outline studies and metrics in drug delivery and drug product optimization, illustrating the applications and benefits for a range of drug formulations. 

Real-time flexibility within the clinical study allows product compositions to be varied and performance attributes optimized in response to arising data. The presenters will provide an introduction to Translational Pharmaceutics and how RapidFACT® (Rapid Formulation development And Clinical Testing) accelerates the process for developing and optimizing drug product formulations.

The discussion will include an overview of the first 100 programs, scientific case studies, and several applications of RapidFACT including:

  • Solubility enhancement to improve oral bioavailability
  • Development of Modified Release dosage forms and In Vitro In Vivo Correlations (IVIVCs)
  • Taste assessments

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