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Integrated Early-Stage Drug Development and Manufacturing: Accelerating Molecules to Proof-of-Concept

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Over the past decade, the pharmaceutical industry has experienced a dramatic increase in the number of companies involved in drug development and the number of candidate molecules in development. Yet although R&D spending has increased enormously, the industry continues to struggle with poor R&D productivity and the majority of molecules entering development will not come close to reaching the market. 

To improve R&D productivity, drug developers are continuously seeking new ways of making drug development more efficient and cost-effective through innovation, new technologies and alternative outsourcing models. This webinar will illustrate how our industry is currently configured into outsourcing siloes, with contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) and contract research organizations (CROs) operating in vacuum's from each another. As such, the outsourcing and performance of the corresponding "CMC" and "clinical" development activities are done on a tactical and functional basis, creating create huge inefficiencies in R&D productivity.

The speakers describe how by breaking down the barriers between traditional outsourcing channels and workflows, drug development activities and key functional groups including formulation development, manufacturing and clinical research can be much more closely integrated to accelerate early-stage drug development, reduce overall expenditure and shorten time to proof of concept.

Learn about how Quotient is innovating drug development and find out how your business can benefit from integrated early-stage drug development and manufacturing.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Holistic formulation approaches driven by the Developability Classification System
  • Integration of laboratory and clinical activities to optimize formulations
  • Personalized clinical manufacturing: integrating “real-time manufacturing” with patient recruitment
  • Case study - transitioning from FIH formulation to spray-dried Phase II dosage form in record time


  • Pharmaceutical & formulation development scientists
  • Clinical manufacturing scientists
  • Managers and Directors of R&D
  • Heads of Outsourcing
  • VP's
  • CXO's
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