Quotient Clinical announces new investment in Translational Pharmaceutics™

Quotient Clinical – the pioneer of Translational Pharmaceutics™ – has announced a significant expansion of its capacity and capabilities. This investment is a direct response to the rapid rate of adoption of the Company’s Translational Pharmaceutics platform and unique approach by a growing international client base.

Translational Pharmaceutics integrates formulation development, real-time manufacturing and clinical testing to offer shorter timelines, reduced costs and increased success rates in early phase drug development. The 25,000 ft2 expansion allows the extension of both the Pharmaceutical Development Laboratory and the Clinical Pharmacology Unit, which now has 85 beds and is accredited for all types of early clinical development programmes by the MHRA. The Company has also invested in spray-drying formulation and manufacturing capabilities – to address the development challenges of poorly soluble drugs – and established an in silico modelling group to support biopharmaceutical customers in defining formulation strategies and assessing in vitro-in vivo correlations (IVIVCs).

Mark Egerton, CEO of Quotient Clinical, commented:

“Improving R&D productivity requires an evolution of traditional drug development processes. Our customers are attracted to our Translational Pharmaceutics platform to improve the efficiency of their early development programmes, and this latest round of investment enables us to extend our platform while continuing to offer rapid project start times.”

To learn more about Translational Pharmaceutics and how the Quotient Clinical approach can significantly reduce the time and cost of bringing a drug to market, visit


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