Quotient Sciences Announces Multimillion-Pound Investment in Drug Substance Manufacturing Facility

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Late Development

Development of novel radiolabelling method - AAPS 2013

Development of novel radiolabelling method for low dose drug products for investigation of in Vivo performance in gamma scintigraphic studies.

Alternative Strategies for Development of Modified Release Dosage Forms

Modified-release (MR) formulations are in high demand. For formulators, they enable drugs to be released in the optimal gastrointestinal (GI) locations to achieve and maintain desirable plasma concentrations for extended periods, avoiding undesirable excursions outside the therapeutic range.

AAPS 2019 Poster - Clinical formulation development for poorly soluble 14C labelled molecules

Clinical studies involving the administration of 14C radio labelled drug substances provide critical information during development.The main application is the regulatory ADME study to assess the mass balance, routes and rates of elimination, and to provide plasma, urine and faecal samples for metabolite profiling and structural identification.

Accelerating drug product development from early phase to scale up and commercialisation

This webinar covers a real-world case study with Druggability Technologies, a specialty pharmaceutical company, which utilized Quotient’s integrated approach to advance the development of DRGT-46, a novel, fast-acting formulation of celecoxib, using proprietary super-API compositions developed by DRGT.

Accelerating molecules through to Proof-of-Concept, with an integrated early development program

This webinar highlights how a fully integrated development plan can bring together the needs of the drug product team and the clinical development team.

Formulation Development

From preclinical and first-in-human (FIH) dosage forms to optimization of your drug products for late stage development, we work with you to develop the most appropriate formulation.

BioForward 2021

Connect with Quotient at BioForward in Oxford on September 23, 2021

Accelerating formulation development to address poor drug solubility using Translational Pharmaceutics

This webinar examines how to accelerate formulation development in order to address poor drug solubility using Translational Pharmaceutics, showcasing examples of how Translational Pharmaceutics has been used across all phases of clinical development:

Pharma Integrates 10th Edition

Quotient will be speaking & exhibiting at the Pharma Integrates 10th Edition Conference virtually on November 16, 2021.

Pharmaceutical and clinical performance comparisons of modified release multiparticulates and matrix tablet formulations

Access our latest poster from AAPS 2021- Pharmaceutical and clinical performance comparisons of modified release multiparticulates and matrix tablet formulations. The purpose of this study is to review practical experiences of head to head pharmaceutical and clinical comparisons of MUPs and matrix tablet platforms to identify an optimal MR formulation.

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