Global Clinical Trial Supplies

Accelerate your proof-of-concept timeline with our global clinical trial supply logistics

Customized packaging, labeling, and distribution services

We understand the challenges of managing clinical trials at numerous sites across multiple countries. Quotient Sciences can ease the headache of global product supply logistics and accelerate your proof-of-concept timeline. We’ll develop and manufacture your drug product, then seamlessly integrate a flexible packaging, labeling, and distribution strategy that's tailored to your clinical trial.

Key questions we can help you address

  • How much product do I need to manufacture?
  • What packaging do I require?
  • How do I ship to multiple countries?
  • How do I develop a flexible supply chain?
  • How often will my product be required?
  • Who will coordinate the supply chain?

Global Pharmaceutics - Quotient Sciences

Getting your product to the right patient at the right time

Service benefits

  • Flexible product – get the product delivered as bulk, bright stock in primary packaging, or as patient kits – the choice is yours
  • Global supply – ensure distribution where it’s needed, anywhere in the world, when it’s needed
  • Avoid stockpiling and product attrition at clinical sites through bright stock inventory management and just-in-time (JIT) labeling and distribution – only ship product when it’s required by a named patient
  • Protect precious active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and drug product – develop a logistics strategy that reduces waste
  • Access in-depth knowledge on best practice, from local rules and regulations, through to managing import and export licensing
  • Benefit from flexibility in cross protocols through drug pooling – maximize flexibility by JIT labeling to allow distribution of drug product across multiple clinical protocols

Building an effective product supply strategy is vital for rapidly moving through clinical development. Quotient Sciences has supplied over 2,000 drug products to more than 150 unique clinical sites in hospitals and contract research organizations worldwide.
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