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Life at Quotient Sciences

Find out what makes us special.

Life at Quotient Sciences

We want our people to make their mark. To challenge themselves. And to achieve more than they ever thought was possible. Take a glimpse into what it's like to work at Quotient Sciences from the people that know us best.

Life at Quotient Sciences

Take a glimpse into what our employees enjoy most

Life at Quotient Sciences

Hear about what it is really like to work for us


Colleague Stories

Hear from our colleagues about what they enjoy about working for our company.
  • Allie Cailliau - Environmental Health and Safety Specialist at Quotient Sciences

    Allie Cailliau

    Senior EHS Specialist, Philadelphia

    "The number of professional relationships I have built in a short time. From coworkers to vendors, contractors, and clients, I am proud of the network I have built around my career."

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  • Kate Foster - Senior Clinical Research Lead at Quotient Sciences

    Kate Foster

    Senior Clinical Lead, Nottingham

    "Quotient Sciences provides an exciting, fast paced environment to work in. The company understands individual needs and allows flexibility and is good at adapting in an ever-changing world."

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  • Suhaills Perez-Carrillo - Project Manager at Quotient Sciences

    Suhaills Perez-Carrillo

    Project Manager, Miami

    "The people I work with are what I like the most about my job. As a project manager, I could not do what I do without the continued support of the Quotient team. I also find it extremely rewarding when I learn an investigational product that we have been involved with is helping patients cope with their disease or condition."

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  • Orlaith Greenan - Senior Director, Global Quality Management at Quotient Sciences

    Orlaith Greenan

    Senior Director, Global Quality Management, Nottingham

    "I cannot begin to describe how the culture differs at Quotient Sciences than at anywhere else I’ve worked. It was apparent early during the interview process but has stayed present ever since, despite how much the company has grown. I would describe the culture as being devoid of hierarchy; there is nobody you are too intimidated to talk to when making a cup of tea in the canteen (pre-pandemic era, of course)."

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  • Headshot of Harpreet Smith, Senior Director of Operations, Miami

    Harpreet Smith

    Vice President & General Manager

    Knowing that we are helping to develop new medicines and get them to patients faster is exciting and very rewarding. What better mission can one have?

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  • Kimberly Burrell - Head of Global Marketing at Quotient Sciences

    Kimberly Burrell

    Executive Director, Global Marketing, Homebased

    "We are a rapidly growing organization, but even though we are growing we still hold close this small-company, accessible mentality, where there are no silly questions, where no door is closed, where everyone has personal buy-in to the success of the company. Our company’s growth is not just to increase our business capabilities but also to provide more opportunities internally to support the growth and development of our organization."

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  • Paul Doughty - Director, Operational Excellence at Quotient Sciences

    Paul Doughty

    Director of Operational Excellence, Nottingham

    "The variety of work, the opportunities available and the people in particular. Everyone seems to be hard working, willing to put in 100% and happy to help others out. I think everyone understands that what goes around comes around, so helping someone out now when they are busy and you are less busy goes a long way, as the tables may turn at some point in the future."

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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion are a part of our cornerstone values and the guiding principles on which we build our teams, cultivate our leaders and foster a collaborative environment that provides a sense of acceptance for every person inside it. It is about empowering people by respecting and appreciating what makes them different. It means understanding one another by surpassing simple tolerance to ensure people truly value their differences.

Our Charities

At Quotient Sciences, we support a range of charitable organizations from around the world including Alzheimer’s Association and Alzheimer’s Research UK, Voices for Children, and Alex’s Lemonade Stand. 

Take a look at some of our activities

Our Edinburgh site has been walking 5k for Walktober for CHAS

Nottingham has been playing 'Fantasy Football' in aid of the Rainbows Children's Hospice

Our Reading site has been 'walking for charity'.

At our Miami and Philadephia sites, they have been giving something up for lockdown

We regularly have a 'Quotient Sciences Bake Off' event to raise money for our chosen charities

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