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Strategies for Accelerating the Development of Modified Release Oral Forms

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform drug development with science and innovation by applying our quality, passion and expertise to accelerate the delivery of new medicines to patients.

Do you want to see science advanced so drug development becomes more efficient and new treatments reach patients faster? Quotient is your answer.

Our vision

Quotient Sciences is an innovative organization that continuously assesses, adapts and accelerates to provide answers to the industry’s most pressing drug development questions.

We embrace our vision across the business to continuously reinforce our values and beliefs and to drive our overall strategy. Brought together by a strong culture, every person in our company plays a key role in our vision and has the opportunity to achieve excellence within the industry.

We are building a best-in-class pharmaceutical services business through a truly innovative approach to drug development. Translational Pharmaceutics® integrates formulation development, real-time adaptive GMP manufacturing and clinical pharmacology. This platform reduces costs and shortens timelines, but, more importantly, enables the continuous improvement of development programs.

With our individual services and integrated solutions, we strive to develop a new standard for early drug development to get new treatments faster to people around the world. To accelerate the speed of science, Quotient is your answer.

 Mark Egerton, CEO of Quotient Sciences, speaks about our innovative approach to drug development.

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