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  • Stuart Mair - Medical Director at Quotient Sciences

    Dr. Stuart Mair

    Global Vice President, Medical, Early Development

  • Andrew Lewis

    Vice President, Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Nazim Kanji

    Executive Director, Pediatric Services

  • Asma Patel - Vice President, Integrated Development Services at Quotient Sciences

    Dr. Asma Patel

    Vice President, Integrated Development Services

  • Dr Vanessa Zann - Senior Research Fellow, Biopharmaceutics & Clinical Pharmacology

    Dr. Vanessa Zann

    Senior Drug Development Consultant

  • Iain Shaw - Director of 14 C Enabled Drug Development

    Iain Shaw

    Director, 14-C Enabled Drug Development

  • Alison Wilby

    Director of Modelling & Simulation

  • Stuart McDougall

    Vice President of BioAnalysis

  • Paul Quigley

    Head of Production, Drug Substance

  • Gareth Jenkins - Science and Technology Director at Quotient Sciences

    Gareth Jenkins

    VP Science and Technology, Candidate Development Services

  • Jeff Baisley

    VP, Commercial Operations, Commercial

  • Helen Baker

    Director, Pharmaceutical Sciences

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