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Project Management

The importance of Project Management in accelerating drug development

Project Manager Colleague at Quotient Sciences

Across the pharmaceutical industry, the R&D process is not getting any easier; drug developers are working with tightened R&D budgets, aggressive timelines, and capacity constraints, and rising patient expectations. 

An increased reliance on collaborating with partner companies to access capacity and innovation is now the norm, thus making partner selection even more important.  

At Quotient Sciences project management is at the core of every drug development program with fully integrated teams across all our facilities globally. No matter where the project is performed across our locations, our customers receive the same experience and quality of service that they have come to rely on.   

Our project management teams are focused on the customer, being their advocate to ensure an on-time and successful project delivery.

Our approach to Project Management

  • Delivering a ‘One Business, One Customer Experience’
    • Quotient Project Management integrates across functions, across global facilities, across vendors, and across stages of development to ensure consistency of quality with every interaction.
  • Project Management provides end-to-end support
    • Our customers have a single point of contact from project initiation through project delivery, making recommendations for the next stage in development.
  • Agile and adaptive to ensure project needs are met
    • Our passionate and dedicated Project Managers embrace changing requirements & endeavor to create simplicity from complexity.
  • Focused on delivering projects on time and on budget
    • Effective scheduling, forecasting, managing & mitigating risks, to successfully develop your products and help get new medicines to patients faster.
  • Culture of Quality and Technical Excellence
    • With more than 200+ years of project management experience and 60+ employees in the Project Management team across all facilities, Quotient’s Project Management team manages every detail to ensure all elements are delivered to a high standard of quality even with ~300 projects going on at any given time.

Our Team Structure

Our delivery through high-performing multidisciplinary teams is fundamental to project success.  Our Project Management teams are organized in a cross-functional, multidisciplinary color team structure that provides continuity of team membership and accountability for the delivery of projects.    All of the project teams are assigned a team member from each of Quotient’s different functions – for example, Formulation Development and Manufacturing, Analytical Development and Product Release, Clinical Operations, Regulatory, Data Sciences, and Quality Assurance.  

Every customer has a dedicated project team, which provides continuity of interactions and accountability, direct peer-to-peer communication with technical experts, and program oversight to effectively manage time, cost, and quality.

Our project management expertise:

  • 30+ project managers
  • 200+ years of project management experience
  • 300 ongoing projects
  • >98% of our customers plan to work with us again

The customer is at the heart of how we deliver each project, which is why we have developed such a robust structure and approach to our project management function. We strive to understand the customer’s way of working, their objectives, and needs and we appreciate the huge responsibility and opportunity to support their drug program.  Everything we do for our customers is driven by an unswerving belief that ideas need to become solutions, and molecules need to become cures, fast.

Contact us today to learn how our project management teams can help you minimize risks, and simplify the drug development process.