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Corporate Updates

Introducing the new Quotient Sciences website

You may have noticed a change this week as we have debuted a fresh look for! 

Take 5 minutes to read a brief overview on some differences that you'll find as you navigate our new website.

We've given our site a modern look, with a faster and more mobile-friendly experience.

Speed and agility are pivotal to our brand promise, and we wanted to make sure to reflect this, not only in the services and programs we offer but in how we deliver information to you through our digital channels, starting with our website. 

In redesigning our website, we've paid close attention to where previous features impacted page speed. Additionally, a new content management system for our website offers us technical features that you can't outwardly see, but also enable us to deliver content that you're looking for, fast.

We've made design and technical improvements for greater attention to accessibility.

The concept of website accessibility means that websites and related tools or technologies are designed and developed so that people with disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with them, contributing to a more diverse and inclusive web experience. In this redesign, we've made improvements to ensure that our website is more inclusive to use for all. Consistent size of and visibility of text, consistent use of descriptions on images, and adjustments to how our brand colors are applied were some of the steps made to give a more accessible experience. We recognize that technology and accessibility needs will continue to evolve, and aspire to implement future changes to keep up with those changes.

New content and easier access to understanding our capabilities added following insight gathered from our teams and customers. 

In our blog, you can search for a specific topic, subject matter expert, or Quotient Sciences location. Also, for those actively looking to join Quotient Sciences, or just wondering what life is like at our company for a future opportunity, you'll find careers- and location-related content in our blog and a redesigned experience on our careers page featuring new colleague stories. 


What hasn't changed: the continued emphasis on our mission of bringing molecules to cures, fast. 

We look forward to working with all of our customers, present and future, as partners in 2024. We value the important role that we have in supporting the development, testing, and manufacturing of new therapies that improve global health.

We hope you like the refreshed look and always welcome feedback. If you have any questions or comments for our team, please contact us at