Clinical Trial Supplies April Webinar Series

6 April 2021 - 8 April 2021
Join us on April 7th or 8th for an hour long clinical trial supply focused webinar, entitled: "Flexible strategies for getting drug product to patients – adaptive product manufacturing and customized clinical trial supply"

Seminar Overview:

Your clinical trial supply chain can be a complex network of manufacturers, logistics companies and storage warehouses in multiple countries around the globe. This can cause a real logistical headache that many biotech and virtual pharma companies haven’t considered; How do you coordinate your supply chain? How do you ship to multiple countries with different rules, regulations, and languages? What packaging do you require? How much product do you need to manufacture? It can be common to over manufacture, leading to unnecessary stockpiling, wastage, and product attrition.

This webinar will explore the existing challenges of managing the manufacture and distribution of clinical trial supplies to numerous sites, in multiple countries, and discuss how to streamline your clinical trial supply chain and accelerate your proof-of-concept timeline. Learn how to protect your precious API with a logistics strategy that reduces waste and discover how to manage global supply so that you only distribute product where it’s needed, anywhere in the world, when it’s needed. 

Key considerations and topics covered:

  • Flexible product presentations and logistics – getting your product delivered as bulk, Brite Stock in primary package, or as patient kits
  • Global “on demand” supply – ensuring distribution where it’s needed, anywhere in the world, when it’s needed.
  • How to avoid stockpiling and product attrition at clinical sites through Brite Stock Inventory Management and Just-in-time labelling and distribution
  • Lean logistics strategies to speed development and reduce waste of API and drug product 
  • Understanding of local rules, regulations and managing import and export licensing to avoid hold ups
  • How to exploit efficiencies across protocols and minimize waste through drug pooling

Dates & Times (We are offering the same 1-hour webinar on three different dates/times):

Wednesday, April 7th- 11:30am PST / 2:30pm EST / 7:30pm London (GMT)  Learn more

Thursday, April 8th- 10am London (GMT) / 11am Paris (CET)  Learn more