Arcinova increases LC-MS-MS capability with addition of SCIEX 6600 Triple TOF Mass Spectrometer

We are pleased to announce that we have purchased the Sciex 6600 T-TOF system equipped with an Exion LC front end and Sciex BioTool software enables Arcinova to dramatically increase its capability for not only the quantitation of large biological molecules, but also their confirmation and characterization. Unlike other mass spectrometer systems on site, this system allows us to rapidly characterise the intact masses of large biological molecules, and at the same time accurately quantify them in difficult matrices. This type of instrument is increasingly in demand across our industry as clients with new biological entities such as antibody-drug conjugates seek answers to their analytical problems.

The instrument can also be used for routine quantitation of molecules, increasing our bioanalytical capacity for clients, but perhaps most excitingly the combination of this system with BioTool and other software platforms and online databases allows us for the first time to identify and confirm proteins in sample mixtures.

The equipment has now been on site since May this year and it is now in production supporting client work.