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Highlights from CPHI North America 2024: Round-up by Life Sciences Knowledge Hub

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The article reflects on various interviews held during CPHI North America in Philadelphia. The event took place at the Philadelphia Convention Center from May 7th to 9th, 2024. 

Unlike its overseas counterparts, CPHI NA operates on a smaller scale, creating a less hectic environment. Attendees engage in longer, nuanced conversations without the stress of constant meetings.

One notable interview was with Tim Quinn, Vice-President and General Manager Pharmaceuticals at Actylis. Actylis is a supplier and manufacturer of raw materials and performance ingredients. Quinn emphasized the company’s efforts to diversify its materials offerings by acquiring seven companies over the past four years. Actylis aims to provide any component that goes into an API product quickly, recognizing the importance of process speed.

To read more, check out the full article here on the Life Sciences Knowledge Hub website.