HPAPI supply chain: Why manufacturers should care about handling and transportation

With advances in clinical pharmacology, oncology, and rare disease therapeutics garnering more interest across our industry, highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs) have seen a similar increase in focus. An increasing number of drug development pipelines are turning towards the use of HPAPIs to target rare and 'undruggable' diseases. Anti-cancer therapeutics have particularly driven huge growth in the manufacturing and commercial production of HPAPIs.

In a recent article with CPHI Online, Quotient Sciences experts, Catherine Wilkes, Executive Director, Environmental, Health and Safety and Robert Alfred, Director, Environmental Health & Safety at Quotient Sciences, talk about how we are innovating to meet the complex considerations for HPAPI handling and also transportation for our pharmaceutical partners. We understand that our pharmaceutical supply chain must pay considerable attention to the handling and transportation of HPAPIs, presenting new challenges for all involved.

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