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Biopharm International: John McDermott on Drug Development Outsourcing

John McDermott

The outsourcing market can often be subject to the trends and whims of the greater pharma market. However, while there is significant buzz around mRNA technologies, the companies investigating this technology remain just a fraction of the larger market.

In the latest issue of BioPharm International, our VP of Scientific Consulting, John McDermott, discusses the latest trends in drug development outsourcing. John discusses why there is an increased demand for outsourcing partners, like Quotient Sciences, that provide a range of streamlined and integrated capabilities across the entire development journey. 

“Outsourcing of clinical activity has been prominent in the pharmaceutical industry for a number of years, but it has taken longer for other drug development disciplines to outsource to the same extent."

-John McDermott

Read more of John's recent interview on the BioPharm International website by following this link.