Mark Egerton featured in Pharma's Almanac roundtable article: What important company milestone do you anticipate reaching in 2022?

Director Mark Egerton President and CEO of Quotient Sciences

Featured Roundtable Interview with Mark Egerton, CEO of Quotient Sciences with Pharma's Almanac

Q: What important company milestone do you anticipate reaching in 2022?

A: As an organization, it is starting to feel like we have overcome the disruption that arose from the COVID-19 pandemic these past two years, and we are looking forward to maintaining our growth momentum during 2022. We continue to win new customers and broaden the portfolio of exciting new molecules that we are helping to develop. In response to this increasing demand, we will conclude major facility expansion programs at our key operating sites in both the U.S. and U.K. in the next 12 months. These expansions will deliver new capabilities that can be fully integrated into our services portfolio and increase capacity for our existing services — all of which are part of our continued commitment to expand and innovate our offering to support our customer’s drug programs.

This year also marks the 15th anniversary of our flagship Translational Pharmaceutics™ platform, arguably our most impactful innovation to date. In the intervening years, we have delivered hundreds of integrated drug development programs for our customers, proving that the acceleration of development timelines can be achieved with our unique approach. We’ve replicated the platform in the U.S., providing our customers with a choice of which territory they would like their work to be undertaken. During this year, we are focused on demonstrating how we can integrate drug substance synthesis and manufacturing into the Translational Pharmaceutics platform, which will represent another significant achievement in our mission to accelerate the development of new medicines for patients in need.

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