Nand Singh: RO7049389 Drug Disposition

Quotient Sciences' Nand Singh, Medical Director, was recently featured in an article listed on the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology website entitled, the 'Evaluation of the drug disposition of RO7049389 with in vitro data and human mass balance supported by physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling'.

Below is a short abstract taken from the artcicle, to read more, please visit the link further below.

"RO7049389 (linvencorvir) is a developmental oral treatment for chronic hepatitis B virus infection. The aim of this work was to conduct mass balance (MB) and absolute bioavailability (BA) analyses in healthy volunteers, alongside in vitro evaluations of the metabolism of RO7049389 and a major circulating active metabolite M5 in human hepatocytes, and physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modeling to refine the underlying drug disposition paradigm."

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