Oxilio completes first clinical trial with OXL001 at Quotient Sciences - Nottingham


Oxilio completes Phase 1 clinical trial with OXL001 at Quotient Sciences - Nottingham with favourable safety and pharmacokinetic data.

OXFORD, UK; 20 June 2023 – Oxilio, a pioneering drug development company repurposing existing drugs to address unmet needs in cancer treatment, today announced favourable safety and pharmacokinetic data from a single-part, five-period, sequential, open-labelled Phase 1 study of OXL001 in healthy male volunteers that is being conducted at Quotient Science. The objectives of the study were met as follows:

-        OXL001 capsules were considered to be safe at all doses tested

-        Dose proportional plasma exposures were achieved via a novel lipidic formulation technology, exclusively licenced from TRx Biosciences

-        Data generated will inform the formulation and dosing strategy for future OXL001 studies

The Company also announces the commencement of an additional pre-clinical programme that will enhance understanding of how OXL001 formulations can target preferential uptake into specific tumour-surrogate tissues following oral delivery. Results in the coming months will enable further optimisation of OXL001 at this stage of clinical development to maximise the product’s potential in the treatment of cancer.

Dr Mark Egerton, CEO of Quotient Sciences, added:

“We are pleased that the Phase 1 healthy volunteer study being conducted at Quotient Sciences’ Nottingham facility has delivered rapid and favourable results for Oxilio’s OXL001 program. We will continue supporting OXL001 with our Translational Pharmaceutics® platform with fully integrated clinical assessments in order to aid in accelerated development timelines and downstream advancement to patients.”

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