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Oxilio OXL001 formulation optimisation and clinical trial preparation contract with Quotient Sciences

Oxilio and QS partnership

NOTTINGHAM (UK), February 18, 2022: Oxilio signed an exclusive global licensing agreement with TRx Biosciences on 20th October 2021 for the use of their platform technology to support the development of Oxilio’s formulation, OXL001. Oxilio has since progressed the product and nowsigned a significant service contract with Quotient Sciences, a drug development and manufacturing accelerator, to support the formulation development and preparation of clinical trials for OXL001.

Mark Egerton, CEO of Quotient Sciences said, “By leveraging our integrated development and clinical testing platform, Translational Pharmaceutics®, Oxilio and TRx Biosciences will have the flexibility to adjust formulations based on emerging clinical data within their study, enabling us to improve their likelihood of success, reduce their development time and ultimately get new medicines to patients faster. We look forward to working with both companies as we prepare to take OXL001 into the clinic later this year.”

Commenting, Oxilio Director Dr Simon Yaxley said: “Quotient has significant capabilities for scientific innovation and adaptation which will further complement Oxilio’s already substantial scientific capacity. We look forward to taking Oxilio’s highly promising formulation OXL001 into the clinic later this year which, if successful, offers tremendous near-term potential benefit for cancer patients.”

About Oxilio
Oxilio is a pioneering pharmaceutical drug development company improving cancer treatment through rapid, cost-effective drug development. Our mission is to identify, repurpose and commercialise existing drugs to address unmet needs in cancer therapy. We find new uses for old drugs, a proven approach that involves less risk, time and cost to bring a drug to the marketplace. Through repurposing, reformulation and gold standard modelling and simulations, we are fast-tracking disruptive drug development at speed and at low cost. For more information, visit

Oxilio Company Contact

About TRx Biosciences
TRX’s technology enables targeted oral drug delivery to specific organs, cells and tissues in cancer, CNS and respiratory diseases and diseases of the immune system using a clinically and commercially proven approach. Our bio-enabling delivery mechanism addresses solubility and permeability limitations simultaneously. Well-absorbed drugs can then be highly targeted towards specific cells and tissues to best leverage their pharmacology. Our data demonstrates that TRx technology has the potential to significantly enhance the design and development of existing and future small molecule-based therapies. For more information, visit

About Quotient Sciences 
Quotient Sciences is a drug development and manufacturing accelerator providing integrated programs and tailored services across the entire development pathway. Cutting through silos across a range of drug development capabilities, we save precious time and money in getting drugs to patients. Everything we do for our customers is driven by an unswerving belief that ideas need to become solutions, and molecules need to become cures, fast. Because humanity needs solutions, fast. For more information, visit

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