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Quotient Sciences Recognized in the Pharma Innovation Awards 2023

Logo for the Pharma Innovation Awards 2023

The Pharma Innovation Awards 2023 recognizes Quotient Sciences’ FlowInova platform with an award for its ability to streamline the scale-up process for early-phase API development.

Born out of a collaboration with the University of Nottingham, the FlowInova platform utilizes high-throughput experimentation and modeling. As data accumulates and process knowledge grows, predictive process models enable virtual design of experiments, ultimately enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the development process.

This significantly reduces the time and material quantities required for scale-up within a laboratory setting. This translates to accelerated drug substance API development timelines, cost savings, and greater productivity for drugmakers.

Read the feature article on Pharma Manufacturing below, and contact us for more information about how the Flowinova platform could help accelerate your API development timelines.

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