Quotient Clinical announces ADME success in oncology

Quotient Clinical, the Translational Pharmaceutics® Company, has announced contract wins for three further OncoADME programs to support clinical mass balance/ADME investigations in cancer patients. Two of the programs will be undertaken on behalf of US-based biotech organizations and the third is for a top 10 global pharmaceutical company.

Quotient’s OncoADME service takes advantage of the company’s real-time adaptive manufacturing approach to supply 14C radiolabelled drug products to specialist oncology clinics globally. Drug products are manufactured on a ‘per patient’ basis and supplied to the clinic for dosing within two weeks of patient enrolment. This streamlined approach tailors drug product manufacturing to patient recruitment, reducing overall project costs and enabling the management and control of any issues related to instability of the 14C radiolabel.

Mark Egerton, CEO of Quotient Clinical, commented:

“We are extremely pleased with how the OncoADME service has been accepted by our customers. Our ability to manufacture drug products in real time, and synchronize manufacturing activities with patient recruitment, is proving an effective way of reducing drug development costs and improving efficiency. Over recent years we have become one of the leading global providers of human ADME programs in healthy volunteers, and we are now able to offer oncology drug development teams the option to undertake these investigations directly in cancer patients”.