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Quotient Drug Development Experts Featured in Biopharmaceutics Textbook

Quotient Sciences drug development experts, Chris Roe & Vanessa Zann, are contributing co-authors in new biopharmaceutics textbook. 

Quotient Sciences co-authors contributed a chapter on Permability to a new textbook published by Wiley, "Biopharmaceutics - From Fundamentals to Industrial Practice." The textbook was written by a group of distinguished Scientists from the UK's Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences Biopharmaceutica Focus Group and edited by Professor of Biopharmaceutics, Hannah Batchelor. The textbook is designed to deliver a comprehensive examination of the tools used within the field of biopharmaceutics and their applications to drug development. 

The Permability chapter discusses the importance of permeability and the tools that can be used to predict, assess or observe oral absorption. Many transporters and enzymes are present within the gastrointestinal tract, both to aid digestive processes and to protect the body against potential ingestion of harmful toxins. Membrane transporters can influence drug absorption by either increasing transport into the intestinal enterocyte via influx transporters or limiting transport into the cell via efflux back into the intestinal lumen. The impact of potential transporter-based drug-drug interactions on the overall exposure and safety of that drug should be assessed during development. The provision of electrodes and functionality of the tissue membrane used within Ussing chambers additionally allows measurement of changes in ion transport across the membrane in the presence of drug compounds. Drug permeability is estimated from the rate of disappearance of drug from the perfused intestinal segment.

Quotient Sciences Co-Authors:

Dr. Vanessa Zann, Senior Drug Development Consultant
Vanessa has over 17 years industry experience providing biopharmaceutics support to discovery, development and clinical programs. Vanessa has previous experience at AstraZeneca as a permeability expert working in the Pharmaceutical Development dept. where she lead the global Caco-2 facility for development, liaising with discovery scientists to ensure selection of NCE with appropriate biopharmaceutical properties, introduced the IV microtracer technique and also provided biopharmaceutical support to both Discovery and Development programs. Vanessa joined Quotient Sciences in 2012 and has lead the implementation of Modelling and Simulation and been heavily involved in the Pharmaceutical Sciences in vitro characterisation strategy, as well as designing clinical studies and providing scientific support through clinical study delivery.

Chris Roe, Senior Research Fellow
Chris joined Quotient Sciences in 2015 as a Research Fellow, bringing over 20 years of experience across pharmaceutical sciences and biopharmaceutics through a series of previous technical and leadership roles at Sanofi, Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Walgreens Boots Alliance. His expertise ranges from early pre‑formulation and biopharmaceutical assessments ensuring appropriate new chemical entity selection, through development of a wide range of dosage forms including preclinical and early clinical inhalation, topical, oral immediate release and modified release formulations, to maintenance and life-cycle management of existing marketed products. Chris’ role at Quotient Sciences involves designing science­-­led, robust, clinical study programs which maximize output for clients, in addition to providing scientific support throughout study delivery. Chris holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Medicinal Chemistry from Newcastle University and Postgraduate Certificate in Education from Nottingham Trent University.