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Quotient Sciences supports Phase 1 clinical trial of novel obesity therapy with Gubra

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Quotient Sciences and Gubra begin Phase I clinical trial of Gubra's amylin agonist for the treatment of obesity

Gubra has announced that the first human subject has been dosed with a new long-acting amylin agonist (GUBamy) as a potential treatment for obesity. This first clinical trial is conducted with Quotient Sciences as a single ascending, dose-escalation, safety, and tolerability trial in healthy volunteers.

GUBamy (GUB014295) is a long-acting amylin agonist for once weekly subcutaneous (SC) administration. GUBamy is in development for weight management in people living with obesity. 

Quotient Sciences will support the Phase I, First-In-Human, randomized, single ascending dose trial, which will assess safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics of GUBamy administered in lean to overweight but otherwise healthy subjects. The study will be conducted in up to 48 subjects divided in 6 cohorts at Quotient Sciences in Nottingham in the UK.

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