Dr Sarah Steven: 2023 Trends Article With Pharma Manufacturing

Quotient Sciences Dr Sarah Stevens, SVP & Head of Early Development & Late-Stage Commercial, quoted in Pharma Manufacturing on how the pharmaceutical industry will look for ways to streamline drug development through 2023 and beyond.

"We're seeing real momentum in demand for fully integrated drug development services offerings that span 'end-to-end', all the way from candidate development through to late stage and commercial drug product manufacturing. Additionally, where customers can streamline and partner with a single outsourcing provider to meet all key development milestones, this eliminates the non-value add white space traditionally created by working across multiple vendors. Our customers validate these significant benefits, citing real risk reduction, reduced time and reduced expenditure. It is genuinely advantageous to embed deep molecule and program knowledge in a single, truly integrated outsourcing partner. Indeed, this advantage extends beyond the early development space into enabling readiness for commercial product launch."

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