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Harpreet Smith

Executive Director of Operations, Miami

Spotlight Interview with Harpreet Smith, Executive Director, Operations, Miami 

Harpreet Smith Headshot

What do you enjoy most about your role and why?

Knowing that we are helping to develop new medicines and get them to patients faster is exciting and very rewarding.  What better mission can one have?

For any qualified candidates looking for a position at Quotient Sciences Miami, what can they look forward to? 

Teamwork. Joining a great company like Quotient Sciences is a competitive effort on the part of new hires and we select only the top candidates to join our team.  Team members can expect a collaborative and hands-on approach to delivering projects and a leadership team that encourages working together, driving for results, and operational excellence.

What else do you think differentiates Quotient from other drug development organizations?

Our clients rely on the expertise of Quotient Sciences to accelerate their drug development programs in a variety of ways. Uniquely, Quotient provides both clinical pharmacology/research (CRO services) and pharmaceutical development & manufacturing (CDMO services) to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. These services can be provided individually, or as an integrated service which has been shown to dramatically shorten development times, reduce outsourcing costs and significantly simplify supply chains for customers

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