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Kimberly Burrell

Executive Director, Global Marketing, Homebased

Spotlight Interview with Kimberly Burrell Executive Director, Global Marketing, Homebased

Tell us about your current role? 

In my role, I oversee our global marketing department, which includes our overall marketing strategy, content development, digital marketing initiatives, and events. 

What do you like most about working for Quotient Sciences?

The people. Quotient Sciences has a very special and unique company culture. You’re going to hear me say this over and over again, but working with people who care about your growth and care about the organization is incredibly unique. I believe that caring is contagious, and the people here truly care deeply and work incredibly hard. That pushes me to work harder each day and care that much more. It doesn’t just stem from my team or my department, but it’s at all facilities globally, and these caring people are what I like most about working for Quotient Sciences.

How do you describe Quotient Sciences as a place to work?

We are a rapidly growing organization, but even though we are growing, we still hold close this small-company, accessible mentality, where there are no silly questions, where no door is closed, where everyone has personal buy-in to the success of the company. Our company’s growth is not just to increase our business capabilities but also to provide more opportunities internally to support the growth and development of our organization.

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