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Orlaith Greenan

Senior Director, Global Quality Management, Nottingham

Spotlight Interview with Orlaith Greenan, Global Quality Management, Nottingham

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What do you like most about your job?

Going back to the roots of why I joined QA; I love the opportunity to meet and work with individuals across all sites and all departments. This past year has meant that I can’t travel of course, but the technology we have at Quotient has allowed me to build meaningful working relationships (and friendships) with colleagues I’ve never met in person. It’s fantastic!

I also love the autonomy I have in my role. I am provided with clear direction and expectations, but I have the autonomy to make the work my own, and have fun with it.

What do you like most about working for Quotient?

The people! We spend so much time at work; we need to enjoy what we do, and who we do it with. This is so true for Quotient. Quotient is full of dedicated and passionate people. When the going gets tough, different functions and sites seamlessly band together and work as a unit to get the best outcome for our customers, products, studies and volunteers.

How does the culture differ from other places you have worked?

I cannot begin to describe how the culture differs at Quotient than at anywhere else I’ve worked. It was apparent early during the interview process but has stayed present ever since, despite how much the company has grown. I would describe the culture as being devoid of hierarchy; there is nobody you are too intimidated to talk to when making a cup of tea in the canteen (pre-pandemic era of course).

Speaking of which, despite the difficult year we have all had, professionally or personally, Quotient made extraordinary efforts to look after their employees. It further underlined how valued I feel as an employee.