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Paul Doughty

Director of Operational Excellence, Nottingham

Spotlight Interview with Paul Doughty, Director of Operational Excellence, Nottingham

Tell us about your current role?

As Director of Operational Excellence and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, I am involved in continuous improvement initiatives. If there is an issue with a particular process, I will look deep into the issue(s), measure the current state, identify the root cause(s) and then devise and implement improvements to that process in order to improve the state. There are a number of Lean Six Sigma Green Belts across Pharm. Sci. and QA who I coach in continuous improvement and who also undertake their own projects. I’m also developing the process for delivering cross-site parenteral programmes, where development work will start in Nottingham and the technical transfer, regulatory batches and clinical preparations and dosing will take place in Miami.

What do you like most about working for Quotient Sciences?

The variety of work, the opportunities available, and the people. Everyone seems to be hard working, willing to put in 100% and happy to help others out.

How do you describe Quotient Sciences as a place to work?

It’s a hard-working environment and the people are what make Quotient Sciences what it is. We make things happen and when faced with a problem, we are very quick to react, devise a new plan and get on with it. There are opportunities for growth, horizontally and vertically, within the company and many examples of colleagues that have done this to build their career with the company.

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