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AAPS 2022 Poster: Kilo Scale Synthesis in Daisy Chained Flow Reactors

3 November 2022

Quotient Sciences AAPS 2022 Poster, "Kilo Scale Synthesis in Daisy Chained Flow Reactors." (2R, 6R) hydroxynorketamine is a pharmaceutical undergoing trials as an antidepressant. An atom-efficient synthesis route with norketamine as an intermediate is known. A low throughput flow synthesis route to norketamine had previously been developed, 2 however a manufacturing scale method was required. The objective of this study is to conduct the entire synthesis of norketamine from 2 chlorophenylcyclopentyl ketone in daisy-chained reactors, built mainly from readily available parts at a throughput of > 1 kg/day.

3 November 2022