Peer Reviewed Publication , Modified Release , Formulation Development

Development of a Once‑Daily Modified‑Release Formulation for the Short Half‑Life RIPK1 Inhibitor GSK2982772 using DiffCORE Technology

10 January 2022

Purpose GSK2982772 is a selective inhibitor of receptor-interacting protein kinase-1 (RIPK1) with a short 2- to 3-h half-life. In a previous modified-release (MR) study, a matrix monolithic formulation (80% GSK2982772 released over 12 h) provided a once-daily (QD) pharmacokinetic (PK) profile in the fasted state; however, it was susceptible to food effects. The current study evaluated the safety and PK of MR formulations using GSK proprietary DiffCORE™ technology. Methods Part A evaluated PK following single-dose (240 mg) fasted and fed (high-fat meal) administration of three DiffCORE MR formulations within pre-defined in vitro extremes of 80% GSK2982772 released over 12 h (MR-12 h) to 80% GSK2982772 released over 18 h (MR- 18 h) versus an immediate-release formulation. Part B evaluated MR-16 h (120–960 mg) in different prandial states.

10 January 2022