Scientific Poster , Translational Pharmaceutics , Clinical Trial Manufacturing , Real-Time Manufacturing , Formulation Development , First-in-Human , Clinical Pharmacology

AAPS 2019 Poster: A Phase I Study Allowing Clinical Screening of Multiple Solubility-Enhancement Formulation Technologies, and an Assessment of Food, PPI and Dose Linearity Assessment with the Selected Formulation of BOS172767, in Healthy Volunteers

4 November 2019

Presented at AAPS 2019: Translational Pharmaceutics was used to evaluate three BOS172767 formulations in an integrated clinical study, and successfully identified the micronized capsule as the new lead formulation. This formulation had superior exposure compared to the IR reference capsules, and an approximate proportional increase in exposure up to 800 mg. The food effect observed at 100 mg was reduced compared to that previously seen at 200 mg (FIH capsule) and elevated gastric pH (subjects taking PPIs) had minimal effect on exposure. A Level C IVIVC was achieved with a biorelevant dissolution test, which provides valuable information for future formulation development and setting of product specifications.

4 November 2019