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Human ADME

How can I simplify the delivery of my human ADME study? Quotient is your answer.

If your drug is approaching the end of Phase II clinical development or you are planning for your regulatory submission, Quotient Sciences can help you meet your program goals. With many years’ experience as a leading provider of human ADME 14C radiolabeled studies, we have the scientific expertise and operational know-how to design and deliver human ADME programs in preparation for NDA, MAA and global regulatory filings.

Facilitated by Synthesis-to-Clinic® 

Our Synthesis-to-Clinic® support – from radiosynthesis to final clinical report – pulls all the necessary elements required for the completion of a human ADME program together into a single, integrated program of work.

  • Drives efficient development and manufacturing of 14C drug products tailored to the specific requirements of your ADME program — including intravenous (IV) products to generate IV pharmacokinetic and absolute bioavailability data, where appropriate
  • Supports your entire ADME program, from radiosynthesis through to clinical reporting, delivering all of these components on your behalf under the guidance of a single Quotient project manager

Human ADME

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