Customized solutions to meet unique pediatric program needs

Pediatric formulation and product development

The development of acceptable, palatable pediatric formulations is a key feature within the industry today, driven by patient needs and regulatory requirements. Quotient Sciences has extensive knowledge and capabilities that enable us to provide you with a unique integrated pediatric development solution.

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Pediatric formulation development

Our scientists have considerable experience in developing palatable formulations in the OTC/consumer health care industry. We have developed customized pediatric pharmaceutical formulations that have received regulatory approval.

Taste masking

We have an extensive track record developing age-appropriate dosage forms of aversive, bitter drug substances using a range of taste-modifying and taste-masking techniques without compromising on product stability and PK performance.

Taste assessment and PK studies

Using our integrated GMP manufacturing and clinical testing platform, we perform rapid, adaptive trials in humans to optimize taste attributes and PK performance. This provides you with the clinical validation that you need prior to proceeding to your pediatric trials.

Global patient clinical supplies 

We manufacture, package, release and supply GMP drug products ready for dosing on a worldwide basis, in line with your study and recruitment needs. Our flexible options range from a personalized, per-patient basis to more traditional batch manufacturing.

Commercial manufacture 

Our production facilities in Philadelphia, PA are fully inspected and approved by FDA, EMA, PMDA and DEA and specialize in low volume products. We support regulatory processes for your pediatric investigation plans and pediatric study plans.

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