Looking to take part in clinical trials? At Quotient Sciences we are always looking for volunteers.

Interested in becoming a volunteer?

At Quotient Sciences, we are building a culture of volunteer centricity that makes us the No.1 choice for volunteers wishing to take part in clinical trials. Our dedicated recruitment team ensures your comfort and safety during your participation. We pride ourselves on our altruistic approach that underpins everything we do. Volunteer satisfaction before, during and after a residential stay in our unit is our primary focus. We truly appreciate your interest in contributing to the future of science and accelerating the delivery of new medicines to patients.
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Volunteers as partners

Volunteer centricity2Our commitment to volunteers goes beyond other phase 1 units. Our volunteers as partners approach focuses on volunteer centricity at all stages of the journey with Quotient Sciences.

We have formed a Volunteer Advocacy Panel consisting of active volunteers and dedicated staff members to ensure we are the number one choice for volunteers wishing to take part in clinical trials. This ensures that we continuously deliver an independent and volunteer-centric view of our processes and documentation, through feedback and open forums.

We strive for:

  • Improved volunteer satisfaction, resulting in a high proportion of repeat volunteers
  • Excellent compliance and treatment adherence
  • Clear and concise documentation that is well understood by our volunteers
  • Excellent recruitment rates
  • Enhanced volunteer retention on study

Contact us to find out more about our Volunteer Advocacy Panel.

Quotient Sciences Volunteer center: Mere Way Ruddington Fields Ruddington Nottingham NG11 6JS

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