Early Development

Accelerating molecules through to proof-of-concept

Simplify early development and accelerate to proof-of-concept with the help of Quotient Sciences

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Proof-of-concept (POC) is a key milestone in the development of a new drug candidate. We understand the transition to POC needs to be fast and cost-effective.

With fully integrated capabilities from first-in-human testing to seamless drug product supply for patient trials, we simplify early development and accelerate molecules through to POC.

Rapid Make Test Cycles - Translational Pharmaceutics

Rapid drug product optimization support

It's common for most new drugs to require some sort of reformulation or optimization during their development, whether to respond to suboptimal exposure profiles, to transition from an early development formulation to one suitable for chronic administration in patients, or as part of a life-cycle management strategy.  

At Quotient Sciences, our unique Translational Pharmaceutics platform streamlines the drug product optimization process, enabling us to design, manufacture and obtain clinical data on new formulations in an accelerated timeframe all under a single organization and single clinical protocol. This approach improves formulation decision making, halves development timelines, and conserves API. 

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