High Potency Commercial Manufacturing

We can overcome the manufacturing challenges that arise with HPAPIs.

HPAPIs present commercial challenges, use our expertise to overcome them.

Optimized HPAPI handling and scale-up at global state-of-the-art facilities

Whether you need to manufacture a new commercial product or extend your commercial supply chain for an existing product, we have the capabilities, quality, and experience to help you achieve your goals and overcome the challenges that arise with high-potency active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs)

Highly Potent Handling Experience

We are experienced at handling HPAPIs, from pre-clinical through to Phase III and commercial manufacturing. Learn more about our expertise by contacting us today.

What's new in High Potency Manufacturing?

High Potency APIs, Clinical Trial Manufacturing Strategies for the Development and Manufacture of Highly Potent Compounds By: Catherine Wilkes & Robert Alfred
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