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Modified-release formatObjectiveFormulation technology
  • Keep the formulation in the stomach for an extended period to maximize the duration of absorption or therapeutic activity
Swellable tablets (monolithic, bilayer, trilayer)
  • Prevent release of the drug in the stomach and/or upper gastrointestinal (GI) tract
  • Overcome first-pass metabolism or gastric irritation
Enteric-coated tablets or capsules
Sustained or extended release
  • Extend the in-vivo release profile of the drug or enable once-daily dosing
Matrix tablets, coated tablets, or multiparticulates
Targeted or controlled delivery
  • Release the drug at or near the intended site of absorption or action
  • Have either immediate-release or extended-release characteristics
  • Deliver time-, pH-, or microbially-triggered release
Tablets, capsules, or multiparticulates
Biphasic release
  • Eliminate the need for repeat dosing
  • Provide rapid therapeutic effect from an immediate-release layer and extended dosing from a sustained-release layer
Bilayer tablets or multiparticulates
Pulsatile release
  • Release the drug as a pulse after a pre-determined lag time, designed according to the body’s circadian rhythm
  • Provide a release mechanism beneficial for drugs where time-dependent dosing is required or those that undergo first-pass metabolism
Bilayer tablets or multiparticulates
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