Integrated Strategies for Accelerating from Discovery to IND

Learn how Charles River and Quotient Sciences can help you accelerate your path to the clinic.

We know that the early drug development roadmap from discovery to pre-clinical IND and onwards can be challenging to navigate. 

Understanding each critical step along with timing and potential risks requires extensive expertise. Collaborating with experienced service providers can help streamline this process while removing potential hurdles, allowing for a seamless transition from discovery into clinical development. 

Charles River and Quotient Sciences can help you accelerate your path to the clinic with an integrated offering that bridges molecules from early discovery to clinical proof of concept. 


Learn how our integrated offering can help deliver the results you're looking for in your next program.

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Bringing over a century of collective project management excellence and industry experience to your program.

Combined, Charles River and Quotient Sciences bring to your program more than a century of experience in drug development and knowledge from our work on thousands of molecules across all stages of development.

A tight integration of activities streamlines the outsourcing model and improves decision-making, problem-solving, and technology transfer. Charles River brings deep expertise in medicinal chemistry, biology, DMPK, early pharmaceutics, and non-clinical safety, coupled with Quotient Sciences' expert knowledge of drug substance synthesis, drug product development and manufacturing, and clinical testing to create a solution under a single program of work.

Together, we provide a full set of deliverables to help get your molecule "clinic ready" and improve your chances of clinical success.


Introducing the Charles River and Quotient Sciences Collaboration

Russell Scammell, Director of Small Molecule Drug Discovery at Charles River, and Eleanor Row, Executive Director of Commercial at Quotient Sciences, talk about the recent Charles River and Quotient Sciences collaboration, and the strengths that each company brings to customer projects to bridge molecules from early discovery to proof of concept (POC) and beyond.

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