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  • Dr Peter Scholes

    Chief Scientific Officer

  • Expert - Nutan Gangrade - Managing Director - Philadelphia

    Dr Nutan Gangrade

    Global Vice President, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Early Development

  • Dr Stuart Mair

    Global Vice President, Medical, Early Development

  • Dr Sarah Stevens

    Senior Vice President & Head of Early Development

  • Andrew Lewis

    Vice President, Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • John McDermott

    Executive Drug Development Consultant

  • Nazim Kanji

    Executive Director, Pediatric Services

  • Prasad Challapalli -  Director, Formulation Development

    Dr Prasad Challapalli

    Senior Director, Product Development

  • Dr Asma Patel

    Vice President, Integrated Development Services

  • Dr Vanessa Zann - Senior Research Fellow, Biopharmaceutics & Clinical Pharmacology

    Dr Vanessa Zann

    Senior Drug Development Consultant

  • Dr Aruna Railkar

    Senior Drug Development Consultant

  • Dr Shriram Pathak

    Senior Research Fellow, Scientific Consulting

  • Chris Roe, Senior Research Fellow at Quotient Sciences

    Chris Roe

    Senior Research Fellow, Scientific Consulting

  • Iain Shaw - Director of 14 C Enabled Drug Development

    Iain Shaw

    Director, 14-C Enabled Drug Development

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