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Quotient Sciences provides integrated drug product capabilities from formulation development to clinical trial manufacturing and on to commercial production.

Drug product development and optimization can be challenging due to the increasing complexity of biotherapeutics and the changing regulatory landscape slowing it down.

Quotient Sciences' expertise and integrated capabilities can take your molecule through discovery, pre-formulation and formulation activities, through to the manufacture of clinical trial materials. We can support you in bringing life-changing medicines to patients, fast.

We are also experienced in analytical services for all phases of drug product development and commercial manufacture and also offer a unique delivery platform called Translational Pharmaceutics®. This is a trusted and proven platform, launched in 2008, that can shorten drug development times by more than 12 months.

Formulation development

Quotient Sciences has more than 30 years of experience developing a breadth of formulations for small molecules and peptides, across a range of indications. With expertise in simple and complex dosage forms, we have formulated over 1,500 molecules.

Our unique track record in clinical research, means we know what it takes to develop formulations across the full development pathway from preclinical to late stage.

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Clinical Trial Manufacturing

Quotient Sciences' innovative method of building integrated GMP and GCP programs provides a streamlined, flexible approach to drug product supply. One that reflects and can accelerate your clinical study design and timeline.

We understand that early-phase clinical testing is a pivotal milestone in the development of your drug product. That is why we offer clinical trial manufacturing, testing, and certification services that are designed to meet your unique requirements. 

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Commercial Manufacturing

Quotient Sciences is a global provider of commercial manufacturing services for small molecule products. For over 30 years we have worked with customers who have entrusted thousands of molecules to our scientific experts to deliver the highest quality drug product for therapies including oncology, rare orphan diseases and pediatrics.

We are also able to support the production of high-potency compounds (HPAPIs) at our commercial manufacturing facilities.

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Drug Product Development and Manufacturing

At Quotient Sciences we diligently accelerate your candidate through the drug product development pathway, quickly and safely. Whether you are looking for the development of a pre-clinical formulation or the manufacture of clinical trial material, our drug product experts are on-hand to collaborate with you. Together we make sure that you meet your molecule’s milestones on time, solving problems, saving time and overcoming your small molecule development challenges is our manifesto.

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