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From the next generation of emerging biotechs, to Fortune 100 pharmaceutical companies, we have worked with countless, innovative businesses across the pharmaceutical industry for more than 30 years.

We help turn our customers' incredible ideas into medicines of the future. We work as partners, with passion to get new treatments to those in need, fast.

More insight, direct from our customers:

Evecxia Therapeutics

"Our small biotech company worked with Quotient Sciences on developing a complex formulation and validating the different iterations of the formulation in PK clinical studies using the Translational Pharmaceutics® approach. The project was successful, and we were generally impressed by the skillsets, professionalism, and courtesy of Quotient Sciences' scientists and other subject experts. We have also chosen to work with Quotient Sciences on two subsequent projects."

Evecxia Therapeutics

Amplyx Pharmaceuticals

"Due to the low density and poor flow characteristics of our drug substance, we experienced significant blend and content uniformity issues. By transferring our program to Quotient Sciences, the development team was able to quickly produce demo batches through multiple blending steps and roller compaction using the Gerteis Mini-Pactor. The increase in drug load from 25% to 40% was a significant improvement as we prepared for future Phase II/III trials and this ultimately benefits the patients by reducing the pill burden. We have successfully manufactured several GMP batches of tablets at various doses using a common blend. Quotient Sciences is an outstanding drug development partner with a no-nonsense approach, excellent communication, speed, and robust, easy-to-review documentation, from analytical methods to master batch records." 

Sean Premeau, Former Director, CMC

BioCryst Pharmaceuticals

"Quotient Sciences’ real-time manufacturing capabilities were a key factor in determining the speed at which this study could be concluded, offering the rare combination or GMP manufacturing and clinical administration on the same site, even for complex formulations and dosage forms. This allowed us to progress much faster." 

Dr. Phil Collis, Vice President

MEI Pharma

"Quotient Sciences has been a great partner to work with. Their project management was top-notch and costs remained within budget throughout our collaboration. Their scheduling and execution have been impeccable; the program has run like clockwork. As a client, you can’t really ask for more!" 

Dr. Ofir Moreno, Vice President

Triplet Therapeutics

"After taking everything into account - the manufacturing costs of a traditional CMO model, creating multiple lots of material that may never get used, etc. Quotient Sciences' Translational Pharmaceutics approach was a cost-effective option, especially when we took the additional cost of time saved into consideration."

Former SVP, Development Operations


"We were impressed by how efficient Quotient Sciences team was to help us progress one of our key projects to a successful first in human study."

Benoit Bestgen, Associate Director

Druggability Technologies

"Quotient Sciences has reduced our time-to-clinic and time-to-market. They understand the issues in drug development and have taken us from early stage to commercial in the most efficient way... Quotient Sciences have extensive knowledge beyond CDMO services, such as regulatory affairs, biopharmaceutics, and medical research. This means we can access skills that we don’t have internally." 

Gábor Heltovics, Former CEO

Xspray Pharma

"Quotient Sciences offers the best balance of quality and timing versus cost of trials... Everything ran very smoothly. We had a very good project manager who was on top of things all the time, and there were no hitches... I would say that Quotient Sciences offers the best balance of quality and timing versus cost of trials." 

Dr Andreas Konar, Senior Vice President

Clovis Oncology

"Quotient Sciences is an honest and straight-forward company with a very progressive attitude... What makes them unique is the way in which the pharmaceutical products are made on site and transferred, without leaving the building, to the clinical unit and a good, large and reliable pool of healthy volunteers." 

Gillian C. Ivers-Read, Former Executive Vice President

Crinetics Pharmaceuticals

"There is an art to the development of taste-masked oral products for pediatric indications. Quotient Sciences’ expertise in improving the taste, smell, and texture of oral formulations makes them the ideal partner for Crinetics’ pediatric clinical programs." 

R. Scott Struthers, PhD, Founder & CEO


"Quotient Sciences has worked with us on several pediatric projects and has been very effective in translating our product concepts into successful prototype formulations. We really appreciate the way they tune in to the broader, long-term objectives of our projects and are agile in delivering specific work packages that will contribute to the overall project’s success. They are skilled in applying their extensive technical expertise and understanding of the full pediatric pharma development process. Importantly, they are great at adapting to change and tenacious when it comes to problem-solving. They have proved to be an essential resource in developing our pediatric portfolio." 

Clare Geesen, Operations Manager

Corcept Therapeutics

"The Phase I study of CORT125134 was contracted out to Quotient Sciences, largely due to Quotient Sciences’ ability to integrate manufacturing and dosing on the same site. Dosing decisions could be made very rapidly as soon as data from the previous cohort was available - there was no need to define and manufacture all the doses up front - minimizing delay."

Hazel Hunt, Chief Scientific Officer

Stealth BioTherapeutics

"My first response was this is too good to be true, they can’t do that. We’ve been looking for this type of solution for years – it can’t be done. However, we made a site visit and, within three days, accepted the proposal... We had clinical data within weeks... reducing the overall timeline by half, if not more.” 

Deborah Gouveia, Vice President


"The combination of GMP manufacturing and clinical testing within one organization was, as far as we are aware, entirely unique... The understanding we have gained through working with Quotient Sciences in terms of both the formulation development and the manufacturing will be invaluable." 

Dr. David Hava, Chief Scientific Officer

Synlogic, Inc

"The understanding we have gained through working with Quotient Sciences in terms of both the formulation development and the manufacturing will be invaluable."

Former Chief Scientific Officer

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