CPHI Seminar & Happy hour

2 November 2022
Reduce time with Translational Pharmaceutics

Join Quotient Sciences experts at our CPhI Seminar & Happy Hour

Seminar title: 'Accelerating Development Through Integrated Drug Substance & Drug Product Strategies: Fully integrated programs to shorten the clinical pathway'

Join Quotient's Vice President of Integrated Development Services, Early Development Asma Patel and John McDermott, Vice President of Scientific Consulting, at our CPhI World Wide Seminar and Happy Hour, as they share how a fully integrated program can speed up transition from candidate selection to proof of concept and shorten the pathway to clinical development. After the seminar, we will also be hosting a happy hour event, with all of our experts. sign up to the event below. 

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Event & Speaker Details

Date & Times Location
Wednesday, September 2nd, 2022 Frankfurt Marriott Hotel

5:30pm - 6:00pm: Registration

6:00pm - 7:00pm: Presentation 

7:00pm - 8:00pm: Drinks and canapes

Hamburger Allee 2, 60486 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Tel: (+49) 69 7955 2492 / website

Quotient Sciences Speakers: 

- Asma Patel, Vice President of Integrated Development Services, Early Development

About: Asma is the Vice President of Integrated Development Services at Quotient Sciences Nottingham, with responsibility for overall management of product development for studies including operational delivery of formulation development and technical project management groups. She has over 19 years’ experience in preformulation and formulation in academia, industry and contract manufacturing organisations. Her expertise covers a wide range of dosage forms, including oral modified release delivery and formulation strategies to improve oral delivery of poorly soluble compounds, which are particular fields of experience and interest. Asma received her PhD in formulation of novel anticancer prodrugs from De Montfort University.

- John McDermott, Vice President of Scientific Consulting

About: John has over 20 years industry experience in roles in pharmaceutical sciences with Rhone Poulenc Rorer, Covance and Quotient Sciences, which he joined in 2001. He has been central to the development of Quotient's Translational Pharmaceutics approach, which integrates formulation development with clinical manufacturing, regulatory support and clinical testing, to help achieve flexible and efficient First-in-Human studies and fast development. In addition, John has a significant body of experience in scintigraphy imaging studies for oral and inhaled dosage forms, including the development and validation of radiolabeling methods.