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Dr. Dolly Jacob speaks about solubility & bioavailability challenges with Drug Development & Delivery

Solubility & Bioavailability: Difficult Beasts to Tame - Quotient Sciences Dr. Dolly Jacob, Director of Integrated Development Services speaks with Drug Development & Delivery.

Poor solubility is becoming increasingly prevalent in drug pipelines. Infact, across the pharmaceutical industry, about 70 percent of drugs that enter development possess insufficient aqueous solubility for adequate and consistent gastrointestinal absorption.

In a recent article with Drug Development & Delivery, Quotient Sciences, Dr. Jacob discussed how the industries solubility and bioavailability challenges increase for­mulation complexity, raise failure rates, and drive-up development costs. At Quotient Sciences we find solutions to unlocking the potential of each small molecule we work with.

"Drug developers utilizing the traditional formulation development model aren’t assessing a molecule’s devel­opability before pressing ahead into de­velopment or using key biopharmaceutics tools that can greatly aid in ensuring a molecule’s success, thus creating an indus­try need for a new and innovative way to develop drugs more efficiently."

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Solubility Enhancement at Quotient Sciences

With nearly 30 years of experience, Quotient Sciences has established a broad suite of technologies and formulation approaches to address complex solubility and bioavailability challenges. Our expertise and approach allows us to accelerate the optimization of your drug products to improve oral bioavailability.

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