Exploring the Future of Outsourcing with Dr. Sarah Stevens

During DCAT Week 2023, Sarah Stevens, senior vice-president and head of Drug Product Development & Manufacturing at Quotient Sciences, discussed various facets of the modern pharmaceutical outsourcing industry with Grant Playter, associate editor of Pharm Tech.

What are some of the latest drug developments in the larger biopharma industry? How is Quotient looking to capitalize on them?

"Sure, we see across our customer base and our network, really, trying to double down and find ways to accelerate on the drug development pathway. And we see that from the larger pharma companies through to some of the smaller biotech, you spin out to the establishment. So, for Quotient Sciences, this aligns well to our core strategy of eliminating the whitespace and operating in a more disruptive nontraditional drug development approach.

So, we have our platform technology, which is Translational Pharmaceutics. And this essentially captures our ability to accelerate along the drug development pathway, really integrating our formulation development, clinical manufacturing, and dosing in our own in-house clinics, in a really accelerated and real-time fashion."

Can you tell me a little bit more about the platform? What sort of use cases have you been using it?

"Translational Pharmaceutics, as a concept, has been utilized by Quotient Sciences now for over 15 years..."

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