Quotient Sciences Appoints Thierry Van Nieuwenhove as CEO

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IPT Online: John McDermott feature on Integrated Drug Development Strategies for Drug Product Optimization

Drug product optimization, also known as reformulation, is a development step required by all drugs en route to market.

John McDermott, VP of Scientific Consulting at Quotient Sciences featured in a new 'Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology' article entitled, 'Integrated Development Strategies for Drug Product Optimisation'.

Drug products may require reformulation and optimisation at any stage in the drug development life cycle. Successful and rapid drug product optimization is dependent on many factors. In fact, it can be difficult to achieve within traditional industry silos, as the time and costs required to develop and manufacture new formulations are significant. That's where Quotient Sciences' unique, integrated Translational Pharmaceutics drug development platform addresses key industry challenges helping get new medicines to patients faster.

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