Pulmatrix Case Study

We helped Pulmatrix to develop a range of inhaled dry powder chemical entities based on its iSPERSE™ technology, breathing new life into Phase 1 trials and meeting unmet medical needs in multiple respiratory diseases.

Breathing new life into Phase I clinical trials. Read Pulmatrix's case study.

Pulmatrix is a small, clinical-stage biotechnology company based in Lexington, MA, that uses an innovative inhaled dry powder technology, iSPERSE (inhaled small particles easily respirable and emitted), to develop a new generation of inhaled therapeutics.

Initially drawn to Quotient Sciences' to perform a Phase I study based on our deep understanding of the UK regulatory environment, Pulmatrix realised that we are very experienced at designing flexible clinical trials across a broad formulation development space as well as having expertise in inhaled drug development. This was not something that they had come across in the US market which would prove to benefit their drug development timelines. By working with the same team of experts, they were able to streamline many processes and planning lessons allowing their drug program to progress more quickly.

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Learn more about how Quotient Sciences' experts helped Pulmatrix meet unmet medical needs in multiple respiratory diseases.

"The combination of GMP manufacturing and clinical testing within one organization was, as far as we are aware, entirely unique... The understanding we have gained through working with Quotient Sciences in terms of both the formulation development and the manufacturing will be invaluable."

- Dr. David Hava, Chief Scientific Officer at Pulmatrix Inc.

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